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Thread: Question concerning bloggin timeframe

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    Question concerning bloggin timeframe

    I have just created a brand new site to complement my older site. On my new site I am blogging once a day with quality rich content. What are everyone thoughts on blogging once a day vs blogging once a week? Am I gaining anything with blogging once a day with my keywords attached in the blog? This is all brand new to me.


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    More you blogging, more content will be, better SEO will be

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    It's good that you blog every day, but I think it's way too time consuming. For the moment being it's a good strategy. There is a flip side to it. If your aim building backlinks then you're doing it slightly wrong. Think about it from an analytic point of view, Google will see one particular domain linking every single day (if you're linking on a daily basis) to one particular domain(hope you can grasp my thoughts). This isn't good. My advice for this case of scenario would be to link to other sources (the blog) and be as diverse as possible.

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    I think you should also spent some time for promotion for your blog. Try sharing your blogpost, do comments on relevant blogs, built some links to inner blogpost to boost traffic....

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