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Thread: Is it a bad idea (Google wise) to parallel websites?

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    Is it a bad idea (Google wise) to parallel websites?

    I have a website that I built seven years ago for my local service company but I haven't touched the site in ages. I am currently building a brand new content rich website and own the address for a town next to me for my service company. Is it smart of me to take the old website and parallel it exactly like my new website? Is it a smart idea to take this new site (from town over) and parallel it to my current new site too? Smart or bad idea? I want to rank in the town next to me for my service oriented company but have zero presence on page 1 with Google. My thinking (please tell me if I am wrong) is that if I have three websites that say the exact same thing (one for old site and one for town I am in and last one for town I am breaking into this Spring) will help me to do this?

    Does this all make sense?

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    Old site and old domain name is good to to rank well and to get presence on Google and with new one you can choose relevant domain name to your business or town to get easily presence in Google pages.

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    I suggest you instead of creating new website,better to focus on old website.

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