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Thread: Dating / Sexual Health Book For Men. Ok, I'm Ready. Rip Me A New One!

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    Dating / Sexual Health Book For Men. Ok, I'm Ready. Rip Me A New One!


    If you would be kind enough, please review my site for a dating / sexual health book for men on women. I'm just not sure about it.

    You know how that goes.


    Thanks for your help.


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    Here it comes. You've got several elements here working to hinder and discredit your services. This has a little more to do with business and marketing strategy than actual design, but I think it's important for you to teach the consumer the value of your product and get them interested before you blast them with pricing and savings information.

    "Great I can save tons of money... uh on what? Hey! I'm not going to read this, this guy's trying to sell me something!"

    If you walked in trying to sell a pencil to someone that didn't know what it was you wouldn't get as far as someone that showed the same person you could use it write on paper. You have to establish how your product or service provides value before before you ask for compensation to that value.

    Also the fonts and sizes read a little obnoxious. I'd like to see something a little more subdued and calm. There needs to be a consistent method in how you use font colors and stylings so the reader can group your information and make sense of it- otherwise it's all random and you've got a lengthy piece of copy for it all to be random.

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    Thank you, for your input, infinityspiral. :-)

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    I can understand your situation as you are just at the stage of taking baby steps. What you do is go for an online survey which can provide you the minutes of this kind of business. The book you are going to write has to be better than existing ones.

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