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    Hello everyone,

    Name is Aaron, but you can call me "Mr. Entertainment." The worldofwinning.webs.com website was designed for fans of all areas of entertainment from music to sports, and to document the wins of mine on radio stations, websites, etc. It was 2 and a half years in the making, and a lot of hard work with hours of effort was put into this. I look forward to hear nothing but positive reviews from you all, but all suggestions are welcome. Thank you and stay entertained!

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    On a technical level, your site suffers from bring tooooo slow to load. People are simply not prepared to wait that long! More importantly the video on the home page is in breach of copyright, and has already been barred. So all that work on your part, and waiting on mine, was a waste of time anyway.

    Learn from it. Respect the rights of others, and minimize the load time of the home page (at the very least).

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    Simply not attartive to user friendly and too slow. make sure you loss the weight from your website by removing unknow scripts

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