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Thread: How works function chain in jQueyr?

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    How works function chain in jQueyr?

    after reading, I see some that I don't understand, and this is how jQuery do for chain function, like this
    how works the function chain?
    I mean, I don't use jquery but this interest me a lot.


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    I don't know jQuery but the concept should be the same... In Method chaining method returns object and then you can invoke another method on that object as a part of a single expression.

    A simple example:

          var o = { //define new object
             name: "",
             width: "",
             height: "",
             setName: function(s) { 
                this.name = s;
                return this; //return o object so we can call another method on o in a single expression
             setWidth: function(x) {
                this.width = x;
                return this;
             setHeight: function(x) {
                this.height = x;
                return this;
          //use method chaining to set properties of o in a single expression
          document.write("Name: " + o.name + "<br />" + "Width: " + o.width + "<br />" + "Height: " + o.height);
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    This is why we have a JavaScript Frameworks forum for things like JQuery... (hint)
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    Thanks tech_soul8 and \\.\ I don't use jquery but in some codes that use jquery I see this thing.

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    While what tech_soul8 said is correct, this example is probably closer to replicating what JQuery is doing.

    HTML Code:
    Element.prototype.width = function(val) {
    	this.style.width = val+"px";
    	return this;
    Element.prototype.height = function(val) {
    	this.style.height = val+"px";
    	return this;
    Element.prototype.css = function(prop,val) {
    	this.style[prop] = val;
    	return this;
    function $(selector) {
    	var elem = document.querySelector(selector);
    	return elem;

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