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Thread: How do I switch on JavaScript?

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    How do I switch on JavaScript?

    When I want to see a video on YouTube, I get a message “Either your JavaScript is turned off or you have an older version of Flash media player. I switched enable the scripting as well as downloaded new version of flash media player, even then I am unable to see YouTube videos. Pl help.

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    What browser do you use?

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    What happens when you visit Adobe's about flash page? (https://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/)
    It should display your flash version as well as play a short flash animation near the top of the page.

    The problem also could lie in any plugins/extensions you might have installed on your browser that simply conflict with the flash player in some way. But in that case I'd have to ask if flash works on any sites you visit, or if this is specific to Youtube?
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