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Thread: Web Designer/Developer Salary

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    Web Designer/Developer Salary


    From this link, it looks like Web Designers/developers are on the lower end on the salary chart. This doesn't really bother me because it's something I want to do and it's still good money.

    My question is, couldn't a web designer/developer make more? From my view, designer and developers can freelance on their off time and from that while most of these computer jobs, you wouldn't be able to, I'm guessing they would be making at least 10k to 20k a year from that, so that would put them upwards around 100k. Can anyone put this into perspective for me? Thanks.

    The reason I ask is I'd like to become a web designer/developer, I want to use this job to travel as much as possible while working on my own and I see web designing/developing a good job that is capable of doing this.

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    Thanks for the salary statistics of web designer and developer

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    Senior web developers make way more than that.. Pretty sure that salary is averaged out with the one for web designers that make way less.

    I have seen a lot of job positions that offer 80k+ with requirements of 3 years+ experience in front-end stuff only.

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    Yes Really good , Thanks lots for sharing Website designers and developers , I have already fix in my mind , I got this much salary one, but now am know about this Things ,

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