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Thread: How to become a successful web developer?

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    The web page is all about designing & development, Design is the front end while development is the back end. both are the dependent on each other. To make thing alive on a web page is done by developers. They have the vast knowledge about the programming, they help in making complex problem in an easy way.

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    I agree with anyone that mentioned you to build your own projects, you need to practice a lot and for starters I would recommend you to stick with one back-end language, either PHP or Java, but don't do both for now. You want to feel comfortably with one language and learn the practices in it because those practices are often applicable in other languages as well.

    My programming path started in an elementary school where I played with QBasic. In high school and in collage I learned assembler, C, C++, verilog, prolog, lisp, etc. To be honest I was rather bored with all of them (except verilog, I like playing with it even today ), so on my third or fourth year (I don't remember exactly when) I started learning web programming by myself.
    I really believe that those previously mentioned languages have not help me at all for learning web technologies.
    Of course you start with the holy trinity of the web (HTML, CSS, JS), after that I started with Java (relatively briefly), then I ended up on C# and then the Ruby.

    So what I would recommend you is you should watch or read some tutorials and you scribble some guidelines in your notepad and when you feel comfortable enough you try building some projects that you find interesting. The more you build the more you know and after that try solving some coding tests just to see how far you gone: TestDome.com
    If you are not satisfied with a result, continue practising with your projects, if you are satisfied guess what... continue on practising anyway .

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    To become a good website developer you need to do is just keep yourself up to date with latest technologies. Keep trying to bring good ideas for the designing of the website because it need a lots of creativity in designing a particular website. All the best!

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