Hi all,

Today I was thinking a lot about OOP and how to properly design a CMS with it. I found myself attempting to write out some classes, and I thought perhaps I would have a Member and Admin class to extend there super class User, but then I realized I would be creating objects for all these people. Would this not create a performance issue of some sort as these users' info will be stored in my database anyhow? I just thought it be nice to have it organized into classes instead of having these users being brought into a model to get them into functions of the controller. I find the code looks messy, but I would really like to have some input.

By the way I am trying to write my own CMS using an MVC pattern. I know there are plenty of CMS' out there, but I am doing it to get more familiar with php oop and mvc. I have a bit of background in Java and therefore feel comfortable doing OOP, but not really with the concepts involved in creating websites. So please bare with me...

Thanks in advance for any input, and excuse me if this is to general for you