hello everybody ... i got a uploading script from a website and i edit it ... i don't know anything about coding but it was easy ... i just need to change a button action from delete selected images to hide selected images .... and this is the code

<?php if($this->vars['user_himself']){ ?>
		<!-- button -->
		<div class="left_button"><input type="submit" name="submit_files" value="<?php echo $this->vars['lang']['DEL_SELECTED']?>" /></div>
		<div class="right_button">[ <a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="checkAll(document.c, '_del', 'su');" title="<?php echo $this->vars['lang']['CHECK_ALL']?>"><?php echo $this->vars['lang']['CHECK_ALL']?></a> ]</div>
		<?php echo $this->vars['H_FORM_KEYS']?>
		<!-- @end-button -->
i'm not sure but i think this is the code can any one help ?????