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Thread: Needed - a way to play audio files in browser using hotkeys to stop and start

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    Needed - a way to play audio files in browser using hotkeys to stop and start

    Hello. I'm hoping someone has some ideas on this. We have audio files of interviews sitting on a server and we need to play them in a browser, while at the same time typing the dialogue from the files into a textpad in the same browser. This requires the ability to stop and start the file regularly using hotkeys on the keyboard. Can anyone recommend a mediaplayer we can use? It doesn't need to be free. It needs to play mp3s at the very least. The following features are maybe not completely necessary but are highly desirable:

    - ability to play files of as many other types as possible such as wma, wav, and video files
    - the ability that when the "stop" hotkey is pressed, the audio stops and then automatically rewinds by two seconds
    - ability to work in as many browsers as possible

    What we write will be used on a wide variety of PCs that are not controlled by us, so whatever solution we use needs to be something robust that doesn't require too much configuration by the user.

    Very interested to hear if anyone has any ideas - thanks!

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    HTML5 can be your best friend in cases like this. MediaElement.js is a fairly impressive HTML5 player that will allow you to play your audio (and video) files and give you the ability to set your own methods of controlling the playback.

    It works in every modern (and some not-so-modern) browser to some extent at the very least. And using a little javascript you can set hotkeys (or a custom interface of buttons, etc.) that send commands to the audio/video.
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    Hello, you can use flash actionscript.

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