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Thread: align two divs

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    align two divs

    Here is the site:


    I need to place the main navigation menu on the same line of the logo. at its right.

    So what I am doing is change the width, the flot and the display CSS properties of the

    div .header-top
    and of the nav element

    nav id="navigation" class="col-full" role="navigation">

    What I get is both to be correctly floating to left and right, with width reduced. But they are not just on the same line and the menu still is lower than the logo. Can you please help?error.pdf

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    1. This is a WordPress site, so I've moved the thread to the CMS forum.

    2. Building sites with CMSs may seem easier than hand-crafted HTML/CSS but it is much more difficult to debug because of the bloated code and numerous CSS files.

    3. Have you tried temporarily removing the "login" button? Does that solve the problem? If so, check the code for the "login" button to see why.

    4. If this uses a third-party theme, try contacting the author for assistance...

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