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Thread: Is possible to make my website in PHP platform?

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    Is possible to make my website in PHP platform?

    I am going to make the ecommerce website that will contain more than 500 products with payment gateway options.Most of people referring the magento CMS platform.So ecommerce website should be develop by only magento platform?or Is possible to make my website in PHP platform?

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    To make a shop like that, i completely advise you to use magento, which is more and more growing. With more than 500 product like that, I think you should use magento and some extension for management. You should contact with famous provider of magento extension such as Magestore of course. and aheadwork may be.
    I just know a extension that allow your customer shop by brand of product. uhm..m. That's is Magento Shop By Brand extension from Magestore. That's right.

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    In Core PHP you have to spend more time for functionality, go for Magento CMS it will be useful. Most of the people prefer to use CMS like Joomla wordpress etc

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    Well, beside Magento there are other platforms which can be used to create E-commerce website - Opencart & [Shopify.

    You need to select that platform which possess qualities like stock control, Multiple languages, single screen checkout system, multiple currencies, filters, search form, zoomable images, wish list, easy checkouts and more.

    Beside the above qualities, you need to weigh the pros and cons of all the 3 platforms.
    Magento though self hosted platform is not easy to customize, quite sluggish, not user friendly.
    Shopify checkout page is not easy to customize and quite expensive.

    Opencart, is a free, open source and self-hosted platform. It has multiple currency and multiple language features, and more.

    I prefer Opencart platform as compare to any other, as its free, easy to use, interface is beautiful and professional. Its best in terms of price, usability and support.

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    My recommendation will be to use magento. Take a look at http://www.markupbox.com/blog/knowle...e-development/ , it will give you an idea why to choose magento.

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    I think PHP is more time consuming. For this kind of e-commerce site your best option would be Magento, Joomla or Wordpress. In my opinion Magento is better than others.

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    For E-commerce site, it is better to develop in different CMS, for CMS solutions you may refer this link

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