Firstly, I hope that this post doesn't come off as spammy. This is a real opportunity for programmers. So far I've affiliated with a little more then a dozen developers, and now they are making money every month.

I am looking for web developers, IT Decision makers, or Opportunists with an understanding of web / server technology.

I run a small, private, and secure hosting company. I am looking to establish relationships with those whom advise their clients where to host web content. You simply have your client host with my company and we split the hosting fee, 50/50.

My Servers:
+ Reside in large data centers staffed 24/7
+ Have Ticket Support
+ Have 99.9% uptime
+ Have full Cpanel access
+ Run LAMP
+ Have extensive MOD security
+ Run firewalls
+ Can Block China, Russia, and a few other countries completely.
+ Have Triple Redundancy Backups
+ Are Based in Texas

The pricing tiers are $25/m | $150/m | $450/m - Which we split down the middle. You simply will not find a hosting affiliate that will match this offer.

About Me:
I've been a web developer for over 15 years. Within the last 5 years some of my major clients (using hosts like Media Temple, Blue Host, Dream Host, and others) were getting hacked. After looking into each incident I found that It was in most cases it was the fault of the host. I decided at that point that I would take extra steps to make sure my clients content was protected. Now that I've locked down the method, I am looking to expand it.

Of course you are still responsible for making sure your using best practices, and keeping software up to date, however, At least your clients are being hosted on vanilla installs of Cent OS with no server side protection.

Any one whom is interested, send me a PM or reply to this thread.