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Thread: Any simple tutorials on how make basic modern websites (html5/css3)?

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    Any simple tutorials on how make basic modern websites (html5/css3)?

    Hi guys!

    Are there any good tutorials on how to make a basic modern website in html5/css3?

    There are many tutorials on how to make a simple html/css website, but these days even basic "about me" website can include polished animated css3 and new ways of embedding elements with html5. Like http://themify.me/ it's a simple site but with many modern css3 effects that are becoming more common in 2014 (there may be some jquery in there).

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    Since there are so many possible combinations of how you can use different CSS3 functions, I would first start by figuring out what it is you want, even if it's just a very rough idea. One thing to keep in mind is that depending what you want, not all browsers will support it (i.e. customizing a sidebar isn't supported in FF at all) or certain versions will support it. I often look through websites such as css-tricks.com as they have excellent tutorials, examples, downloadable, ready-to-go plug-ins and other nifty things on their site.

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    Simple w3school open and learn from their except of tutorials

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    There are many tutorials out there, but personally I would start with a book to get a solid foundation. Amazon.com includes reviews for books, so you could use your own discretion to find one that suits you. You can complement the book with doing your own online reading.

    If you choose not to buy a book, you could look at the table of contents of a few "beginning css" titles and then Google the chapter headings for concepts you should learn about. Try and understand the fundamentals before doing flashy or slick looking effects if you want to do web development in the long term.

    Hopefully you can find a "develop a website as you learn" type book, that will guide you through the process of developing a modern site.

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    Well If you are techi person or have a good background you can easily learn from online tutorial otherwise you have to concern with someone for one month to learn how to use tools afterwards you are able to understand online tutorials and guides.
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    If you just starting with HTML and CSS than go first on w3cschools and learn about HTML and CSS.

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