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Thread: Item saving and calling?

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    Item saving and calling?

    I am still very new to javascript and while I understand parts of it their are things that are far beyond me this is one of them so any help would be nice.
    Even a simple functioning script would be nice because honestly I doubt I know enough to even do it. I have searched but didnt find anything I could really use the way I need it to work.
    Long story short I am making a simple click based website and I want to make it so if say someone clicks a rock they have a random chance of finding gold or something.
    Then they can click the store and sell it to the store for coin which they can then in turn use to buy a flash light which is used to let them into a mine shaft.
    Now I thought the best way to do this would be some cookie/javascript combo because I dont wanna use php I dont even have the basic understanding of it.
    I couldnt even make a basic site in php last time I attempted it. I have already got a lot of the site done just this is one part I cant seem to figure out I have tried to make something many times.
    That would function this way but I just dont have the skill to do it. Nothing that makes sense to me seems to work. <.< I can code games but I cant figure out javascript how sad am I!.... Any help would be wonderful.

    Thanks in advance and if no one is willing to help me I totally understand. :P

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    If you want users to be able to save their gameplay and have an account, you're going to need a database and some server-side scripting (PHP isn't the only option for this). On the other hand, if you don't want users to resume their gameplay later on, then it's possible, although I would PHP, Perl or other server side scripting languages would help. Registering which items the user clicks on and their value is purely through JavaScript, as will be any option if they can use keys to move their character (unless it's completely a click-and-play web game). It is possible to read and write cookies using only JavaScript, so it can be done, just it will take some work. Here's a pretty good article of creating and accessing cookies using JavaScript.

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    If you are absolutely set on not using any server-side language you do have options, however, depending on the game you are trying to build it's probably better to use an actual database on a server and pass information back and forth via a server-side language.

    Anyway, cookies are always an option and if you want to make this game work for as many users as possible it would be your best client-side option. But if you aren't too worried about losing a few potential users who are still on old, outdated browsers you can utilize a few HTML5 storage methods that would make your job a bit easier and ultimately yield better results.
    First check out: http://www.html5rocks.com/en/features/storage

    Realistically you have 3 potential options through this. LocalStorage, IndexedDB and Web SQL.

    The localStorage route would probably be the most difficult to work with as it's most similar to cookies, giving you a name and value pair to store variables. LocalStorage will still cut out some old versions of certain browsers (like IE7) but will be the most widely accepted HTML5 method for storing local data.

    The IndexedDB and Web SQL options allow you to essentially create databases (and even use actual SQL to work with the data) which would give you a much better data structure for storing various bits of information about a game per user, all locally, however you sacrifice certain browsers. IndexedDB doesn't work for Safari users and Web SQL doesn't work for Firefox or IE. I suppose you could use some logic in javascript to determine their browser then use either IndexedDB or Web SQL, but that's only if you really feel the full database structure is necessary for your game. If not go with localStorage or cookies.
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    Thanks for the quick replies I have looked over what you guys linked and what not I think its still a bit too far out of my reach I don't understand it well enough to make it work so I am just going to scrape the idea for now I guess. :P Maybe some point down the road I will get this stuff well enough to make another attempt at it xD The test I made just blew up in my face so heh yeah XD Its cool.

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    Any more help required.

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