I've created a "game" in the software "Visual C# Studio" (obviously in C#) and I wish to create a website for this game, and perhaps create more games like the current one in the future, so I could add them to my site.
I also have extremely basic knowledge of java script, XML, CSS, SQL and a fairly good knowledge on HTML.

The game is not suppossed to be free. I was hoping the customers on my website will have to pay (let's say via paypal), and then they will receive points in-game in exchange for their money.
I'm assuming that if it's possible, I will have the customers sign up first, while they transfer an agreed amount of money to my paypal account, and in exchange they will gain a certain amount of "points" that will be saved in their account (with SQL database). Afterwards, I'll need to figure out a way to connect the account in the SQL server to the game, allowing them to use the points I granted them.
Finally, the customers can stop playing the game at any point, and cash out with the points they have (let's say they started with 100 points, now they have 120 points, it should be saved in their account in the SQL server, and they should be able to "Cash out" and get their money back, instead of the points).

Now, how do I do any of these?

If I'm not in the correct forum, I'd appreciate if you redirect me.
Thank you