My javascript code in my site is this:

HTML Code:
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
	var count = 300;
	var counter = setInterval(timer, 1000); //1000 will  run it every 1 second

	function timer() {
    count = count - 1;
    if (count == -1) {

    var seconds = count % 60;
    var minutes = Math.floor(count / 60);
    var hours = Math.floor(minutes / 60);
    minutes %= 60;
    hours %= 60;

    document.getElementById("timer").innerHTML = hours + " Hours " + minutes + " Minutes and " + seconds + " Seconds left untill the next news update. "; // watch for spelling
	function news(){
   $('body').find('.newsticker').remove();//It will clear old data if its present 
   var file = "";
    $.get(file, function (txt) {
			//var lines = txt.responseText.split("\n");
			var lines = txt.split("\n");
			$ul = $('<ul class="newsticker" />');
			for (var i = 0, len = lines.length; i < len; i++) {
				//save(lines[i]); // not sure what this does
				$ul.append('<li>' + lines[i] + '</li>'); //here 
				row_height: 48,
				max_rows: 2,
				speed: 6000,
				direction: 'up',
				duration: 1000,
				autostart: 1,
				pauseOnHover: 1
	$(function() {
    },30000)  // it will call every 1 min you can change it
<span id="timer"></span>

<div id="oneliner">
	<div class="header"> Breaking News </div>
	<ul class="newsticker"></ul>
In the top there is a time counting down.
Then under it there is a text scrolling up.

In want to put the timer in a nice box or something not sure yet.
And the scrolling text i want to put in the design like in this example the first example with the lines and arrows down and up:

I downloaded all files and uploaded them to my website i can use the jquery and the text is scrolling up.
And in the first demo they say to use this code:

HTML Code:
var nt_example1 = $('#nt-example1').newsTicker({
    row_height: 80,
    max_rows: 3,
    duration: 4000,
    prevButton: $('#nt-example1-prev'),
    nextButton: $('#nt-example1-next')
Using this code will not give me the same design.
The owner of this jquery told me to use this code/s to make use the design:

In the bottom he show me the code the javascript,html,css
But i'm not sure yet how to add it and use it with my code that i already have have with the timer and the scrolling text.

Could someone show me an example how to use it ?