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Thread: Looking to buy a JavaScript book - How recent should it be?

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    Looking to buy a JavaScript book - How recent should it be?

    Oh yes, it's another "What book should I get?" thread.

    I've spent the past couple of days trying to figure out which JavaScript book would be best. Though I have a bit of programming experience, I'd prefer something written for people new to programming as there is no harm in going over the basics again.

    This issue I'm finding is that, from what I've read about JS, it's a language that seems to evolve quite quickly. All of the reviews and books I've found tend to be published in 2011 or earlier.

    Is it important to find a book that has been published/revised in the last year or so? Do you have any recommendations?

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    I would highly recommend JavaScript The Definitive Guide - 6th edition by David Flanagan. It covers HTML 5 and if you ask me it's awsome.

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    JavaScript - The Definitive Guide is a great book. So is JavaScript for Web Developers by Nicholas C. Zakas. Both are excellent reference books but may be a little advanced if you are really just beginning.

    If your looking for something along the lines of lessons and exercises, you might look at JavaScript and DOM Scripting by Ray Harris.

    Just some thoughts. . .

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