The code below is my playing around with javascript in order to learn it. I am teaching myself. The code gives two errors, Uncaught SyntaxError on line 24 and uncaught reference error on line 12. I cannot find the error on my own, it seems like it should work. Can someone please help.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Second Paragraph Practice</title>

<p id = "display">You walk through a dark and empty forest only to find, after a few hours, a ferocious tiger intending to

make a meal of you.</p>

<input type = "text" id = "Player_actions" value = "Type your actions here.">

<button onclick = "actions()"> Perform Action </button>

function actions()
var choice = 0;
var player_actions = document.getElementById("Player_actions");
var display = document.getElementById("display");

if (player_actions == "fight") {choice = 1;}

case 0:
display.textContent = "You need to type fight to do battle with the beast."; break;
case 1:
display.textContent = "You leap onto the tigers back and begin to pound on the creature."; break;