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Thread: js framework for business application

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    js framework for business application


    We're switching from asp.net to js (yay management ) and I was put in charge of looking for best js framework and vendor that can help us during the switch.
    It's a business application and critical features are validation (business rules), orm (pgsql compatible) and support (community, etc.).
    We had been approached by two different consultants, one offered solution based on angular.js and other one ember.js and I just want to make sure that I make the right decision.

    Thanks !!!

    Pen D

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    Even though this is two months after the fact, always approach this sort of thing with this in mind: Don't Repeat Yourself.

    If you are able to use .NET MVC for a server side framework, most form validation rules can be maintained in C# and then the framework translates them to HTML5 data-* attributes on the form fields when the view is rendered. Over the years, this has been where I've spent the most time duplicating work --- rewriting backend business logic in JavaScript. Avoid this at all cost!

    As for which framework to use, the best thing you can do is try it out. What browsers do you have to support? Mobile devices? These questions can drive the answer.

    So far Angular seems to be the most popular of the frameworks, Stack Overflow has oodles of AngularJS questions every day. A big thing to consider is how testable the framework is. Most modern JavaScript frameworks give you some kind of way to write JavaScript unit tests.

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