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Thread: Site moved - spurious text appearing - help!

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    Unhappy Site moved - spurious text appearing - help!

    My knowledge of web building is very basic, I'm having an issue with a site I'm working on. When I had it supported on another domain this issue wasn't there but now that I've transferred the files to a new domain (although I don't see it on my browser, someone sent me a screen shot) Around my page at the top and bottom it says:

    bg bg bg bg bg
    h2 h2 h2 h2 h2

    I'm sure it's a stupid question, but I have absolutely no idea what is causing it and how to rectify it.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Cheers, Katie

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    It looks like, maybe possibly, you need to change something to insert a background (image?) and fill in a heading (<h2>). Well, maybe possibly. Hard to say without a link or page code.

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    provide a link please so we can take a better look at it

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    Use h2 2 time so it will solve ur problem

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    1. What browser(s)/version(s) does the error show on?
    2. What browser(s)/version(s) have you tested it on?
    3. Do you know for a fact that the fault was not there before the move?

    Without further info, I suspect that the problem is nothing to do with the server move. But that is just a hunch.

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