I'm 0 in html/js. Though! I've got interested into JavaScript by "How to truly understand the program that check typing speed". It's very interesting, I even cut out the larger program. Now it's 32-line. And I need some help to feel the language (as of course through the understanding of "my program"):
http://lanother.tk/rc.php (see it's source please):

It's also have a slpendid "screen" http://s22.postimg.org/o179m581d/image.jpg

Who could help me? (The example of the first question: "As I could understand the output part of the program is in XXX.innerHTML=XXXX.join("") and considering that screen output is in that form it is somehow linked with <span> tag via first XXX (res)"

I've got the number of questions in order to understand how the program's mechanism work. The first task for me was to find when program starts how does it iterate. It might be better to make the program in the more logical way first to understand the unknown JS operators (all of them)? There are 5 functions. And typoSetup is invoked 2 times. Also there are two parts of <script> areas. When I cut out <body> and <head> the program's got still working (I've read that a browser somehow restores logic of tags and program finally get right by itself). Earlier I noticed that first is the second script ( document.getElementByid('typoCalcBtn').onclick = typoCalculate; typoInit(); The former calls for the declarative programs part (with functions?).

And those are all questions and it's just the beginning....

Thank greatly for your attention!