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Thread: Infected website? Can I be sure of security?

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    Infected website? Can I be sure of security?

    Hello there,

    I have a domain which keeps betting blocked by the hosting company for spam/malicious script etc. It has been cleaned of viruses by them however upon inspection of the email accounts associated with this website, there were 3 I did not set up. Furthermore, there are files with strange code which I did not make. One is called fuede320.index.html and contains code such as this:

    *** code deleted by moderator ***
    There were some HTML bits there and local directories for what seemed to be a standard windows computer (C:\Windows\Users) too but I cannot post that. What is it and how can I make sure that my account on the server will be secure for use again? The password to the cpanel has been changed as well as the username.

    Thank you for reading

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    Have you changed all passwords associated with your account on that host (replacing them with very strong passwords)? This includes FTP, email, and database passwords, not just your login password.
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    Just to make sure your website is clean you could also use this great online tool: http://sitecheck3.sucuri.net/

    It scans your website for malicious code and even outdated software, and in case it finds anything, you could easily find infected files on your server.

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