Hi everyone.

I want to build website similar to forum. So I need some of your professional advice on what technologies I best to use to build it. I need website to be future proof as well so it looks modern and not old. It should run on all popular web browsers and in the future I want to make it available on the mobile too.

Well first things first. I want to use only open source as the website I知 planning to build will be free one, no money will be made from users or anyone who wants to use it. That being said I have no budget at all and want to use only open source software and tools.

Second, the website will be forum like. It will have a number of categories. In each category user can create his/her own topic. When creating a topic user will be able to add pictures and add comments to each picture. Also user can attach a link to youtube video so other can see it. All other user can respond to this topic and also be able to add picture and links to youtube video. The owner of the topic can have the ability to close it, so no more posts can be added to the topic anymore.

Thirdly, I want to have search option which will allow users to search for a topic, so can be easily navigated to the right place.

I myself a java developer, recently started working in JEE space and worked on 1 java enterprise project. So I知 familiar with JavaServerFaces(JSF), JPA, PostgresSQL and Spring CDI. I am open minded to any language and technology to learn in order to make this website.

What I have found so far is that all suggesting to use PHP. Please let me know all your thoughts.

Many thanks