Hello, I try to include a multilevel-pushmenü on my site, it should look this way


Two problems:
1.) on the Smartphone the menu-Icon does its work only, if you touch several times. I don't know, if this has to do with the js-eventhandling, because I'm not fit with javascript. Maybe somebody would be so kind and take a look at it and give a hint (code is very long, so maybe you could take this link: http://nachrichtentisch.de/jquery.mu...ushmenu.min.js.

Second question: some sub-menus have got too much items for one screen-height and with overflow:auto I get a scrollbar, but it does not fit to the Design. Maybe a pair of arrows - starting with overflow:auto would be better, but I guess that only does work with js. Has somebody got an idea about this. (The menue, that's too long is for example,"Ausland->Lateinamerika->Südamerika") with all the south american countries - africa would be a problem too.

Thanks and kind regards