Hi All,

It's hard to get a code sample running as this is a Wordpress site on my localhost. Anyway I shall try to explain and if anyone can send me off in the right direction great.

Basically when you click a div a box slides down and calls in the wordpress post information relating to the div id clicked.

This all works but once I am inside the slidedown i want some more click events.

This is the function which works well outside of the AJAX call but not inside the slidedown box where I need it working. It simply swaps the image in a div with the image contained within the data-href link.

$(function () {
  $(".subnav a").click(function (e) {
     var url = $(this).data('href')
    $('#imageBox img').prop('src', url)
  return false;
This is how I have the AJAX working to call in post data:-
 var post_link = $(this).attr("rel");
//return false;	 
var height = $("#panel").height();
  if( height > 0 ) {
  } else {
  var clone = $('#panel').clone()
  var newHeight = $(".slideClone").height();
  $('#panel').css('height',newHeight + 'px');

$('.close').click(function() {