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Thread: MYSQL, SQLite, PHPMyAdmin, SQL: Do they do the same job?

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    MYSQL, SQLite, PHPMyAdmin, SQL: Do they do the same job?

    Hi guys, pretty new to PHP and Databases. just wants to know. I have been using the console (cmd.exe) to make databases and then learnt about MYSQLite and was about to learn and install it, BUT! is it not the same as PHPMyAdmin and MYSQL. just like a text editors (there lots out there but they can give you the same end result). or are they all different and should be used for certain tasks?

    just wanted to know as I would prefer to learn a master one database program than learn many.


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    MySQL is a DBMS (database management system). phpMyAdmin is a PHP web application that provides a web-based front-end to MySQL databases -- it does nothing without MySQL also being installed (along with PHP, of course).

    SQLite is a different DBMS, designed to be light-weight and (relatively) easy to bundle as part of an stand-alone application -- i.e., you don't have to install a stand-alone DBMS application. (You do have to install the necessary drivers/extensions for the programming language you are using it with, in most cases.)
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    MySQL and SQLite both are RDBMS which means they are Relational database management system. They are used to store data and to use those data when need.
    On the other hand phpMyAdmin is application which is based on PHP to administrate the MySQL database. You can do everything with phpMyAdmin like you could it with MySQL commands using the terminal.

    You can get start with MySQL which is a great RDBMS. You can have a look at these tutorials like How to install MySQL , Gui Tools for MySQL

    Best of luck.

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