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Thread: Problem in showing images with cpanel

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    Problem in showing images with cpanel

    i,m facing problems in loading my websites images after uploading it to cpanel although it was working on my pc
    i established a page to upload topic with images and save the name of the image in a specific field in my sql database and insert the image it self in a specific folder and pics were shown where i want them to be displayed but when uploading the website to cpanel there is something wrong with displaying all images stored into folders and retrieved by SQL query so i need your assistance specially this is my first website

    here is the code
    //display data 
        // getting data 
        $getdata=mysql_query("SELECT * from offers WHERE ended='working' && approved='approved' LIMIT $start , $perpage");
        echo"<tr><td colspan='2' align='center'><font color='blue'size='5'><b> $record_count العروض المتاحة </b></font></td></tr>";
        while ( $row1=mysql_fetch_assoc($getdata))
        $joinoffernumbers= mysql_query("SELECT * FROM offerjoins WHERE offer_id='".$row1['id']."'") or die ("No data retrieved ");
         if($joinsofferrow >=1){
                     }else{$joins="إشترك ألان";}
    $image111 is the name of the image retrieved from database 
        echo"<tr><td colspan='2' align='center'> <a href='show_this_offer.php?id=".$row1['id']."' title='".$row1['title']."'> <img src='home/mostafa/offerimages/$image111' title='".$row1['title']."' border='0' width='500' height='200' > </a></td> </tr>";
    echo"<tr><td align='right' colspan='2'></td></tr>";
                      echo"<tr><td align='right' colspan='2'><font color='blue'><b><a href='show_this_offer.php?id=".$row1['id']."' title='".$row1['title']."'> ".$row1['title']." </b></font></a></td> </tr>";

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    "home/mostafa/offerimages/" would be relative to the location of the page that is being displayed. Is that what you really want? My guess (but it is just a guess) is that you really want something like "/offerimages/" (meaning the directory "offerimages" directly under your web root directory) or "offerimages/" (without the leading slash meaning relative to the directory that the current page is in). Remember that directories in URLs are based on the web root directory, not the file system root directory.
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    Another point to consider: Is your local workstation running Windows? If so, check the capitalization of file names. Windows is not case sensitive, unix based systems are. This can cause images not to load in the live environment that worked fine on your PC.

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    Thank you Nogdog
    thank you jedaisoul
    it is working now and i can see images clearly
    Thank you so much

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