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Thread: Have one website index redirect to another

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    Have one website index redirect to another

    I have a PHP site at the url mikeyheads.com. I also have mikeyheadsbaits.com. I want to make it so thata when a user types in mikeyheadsbaits.com, they will automatically be sent to mikeyheads.com. Can I do this without changing the URL in the browser? And if so, how would I do it?


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    If you own both domains you can set up a domain fowarder for mikeyheadsbaits.com in your domain settings (with whoever is the domain provider). It's possible to set up a domain 'forward with masking' that will redirect the user via an iframe so that they remain on the same domain but are shown a different domain on their page.

    Also, it should be possible to park your second domain (mikeysheadsbaits.com) on the same server as the first so that they both simply go to the same place.
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