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Thread: Automatic Twitter Search Repeater

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    Automatic Twitter Search Repeater

    I know this is probably not the right section, or even maybe the right forum, but I'm looking for a solution and I'm a bit stumped.

    I'm looking for software/script/service that will allow me to input a list of keywords and cities, then it will automatically perform Twitter Advanced Search's on each keyword in each city. Then it would have to have some way of sending me the results, preferably just new ones which have not yet been sent.

    For example:

    Car Damage
    Car Body Damage
    Car Dent
    Dented Car

    The software/script/service would ideally search for each of those in the city/cities I choose.

    My question is, does this exist, and if it does does it violate Twitter TOS? I can't find anything in Twitter TOS describing this, which makes me think it may be okay with them.

    However, I can't find ANYTHING which does this, and I've spent hours searching various search engines and testing out different softwares (Free and Paid). The closest I've found is a single service that charges monthly for searches ($100/300 searches), which seems a little ridiculous all facts considered, and wouldn't be economical due to the amount of keywords I'd be using. I don't recall this service's name.

    So basically, it's like, if it exists, I can't find it, which makes me wonder if there is a reason that it doesn't exist (i.e. violating TOS or something). If it does exist, where is it? If it doesn't exist and it doesn't violate TOS or any applicable rules/laws, any recommendations on a language to use to create it or have it created without the use of a Macro Builder?

    Thank you for any help you can provide - I've really put some time into this one and it has me wondering. Thanks!!!!!

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    I would start by looking at the Twitter API: https://dev.twitter.com/docs/api/1.1
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