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    Fillable Forms

    I need to add a fillable budget worksheet to my website that I can upload for review.

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    Okay, Lets try this again. I need to add a fillable budget worksheet to my website so that my users can complete and submit it to me for review. I use Yahoo Sitebuilder. PDF files don't allow for calculations. I'm looking for a spreadsheet that can calculate Front end and Back end Debt to income ratio as well as display a monthly budget surplus / deficit. Basic math = - + x /

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    If your users only use Internet Explorer, then you can link an Excel spreadsheet to a web page. I do not know the details, but I suspect that is not a viable solution anyway. Failing that, you may need to use an HTML form and PHP or JavaScript to perform the calculations. How that fits in with using Yahoo Sitebuilder I have no idea!

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    That makes sense but I don't have the band width to link Excel to the site. The traffic could become quite brisk. Okay, JavaScript sounds promising. The next challenge is finding a way to upload the document for me to review. Adobe forms does not handle docs with complex calculations. Calculating debt to income ratio and to give them the ability to compare their household expenses to national averages. This my require an upgrade to site-builder. Thanks!

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    I think that for that purpose you could use Jotforms - this website has many form templates, including financial ones (loans, mortgages etc) and works well with Yahoo Site Builder.

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