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    Gallery Help

    Hi there,

    I am trying to add a gallery to my company's new developing website. The goal is to copy the same gallery from our sister-site (http://www.colincowiecelebrations.co...ery.asp?gid=80) to our development site (http://dev.colincowie.com/gallery/gallery.asp?gid=80)

    Not sure why the proper "galleria" css & js files are not loading in.

    Can anyone provide a little assistance?

    Great appreciated!

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    It seems like your gallery script is looking for two elements with the ids of caroufredsel-clients-container and caroufredsel-blog-posts-container. I don't see any errors/issues with loading in your "galleria" css or js files.

    Without digging in deeper I can't really tell you how those elements get set or anything. The two sites aren't using the same scripts it seems, so I can't really sit and compare the two to see why one works and the other doesn't. So I'd have to investigate how that jQuery CarouFredSel script is designed to work since that's where the issue seems to lie.
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    The caroufredsel-clients-container and caroufredsel-blog-posts-container is for the carousel at the bottom of the page, I don't think thats it. I think it may be something else thats causing it to not appear the way it should.

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