hi there,

Having had good comment on my first post on this forum (again thanks), here's my second.
I'm deep into html, css, js now, still wondering what to do next (lots of option's) but thats not the question.

I'm still making everything in notepad++. Now, this works fine, but i wonder if there are better options. I hear about dreamweaver, codepen, etc. Whatever course i find on the internet, its with dreamweaver. Now, I'm not going to take one, cause courses are way to expensive, but it give me the idea that dreamweaver is widely accepted/ used.

Should my editor be based on the scripting language? so if i go node.js I need something else (need or is better) then when i go for php or asp?

So, question is not to use what server-side language, there are lots of topics about it, but what editor to use. however.....node.js does appeal to me

Hope you people can help me on this one!