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Thread: which editor should I choose??

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    Mar 2014

    which editor should I choose??

    hi there,

    Having had good comment on my first post on this forum (again thanks), here's my second.
    I'm deep into html, css, js now, still wondering what to do next (lots of option's) but thats not the question.

    I'm still making everything in notepad++. Now, this works fine, but i wonder if there are better options. I hear about dreamweaver, codepen, etc. Whatever course i find on the internet, its with dreamweaver. Now, I'm not going to take one, cause courses are way to expensive, but it give me the idea that dreamweaver is widely accepted/ used.

    Should my editor be based on the scripting language? so if i go node.js I need something else (need or is better) then when i go for php or asp?

    So, question is not to use what server-side language, there are lots of topics about it, but what editor to use. however.....node.js does appeal to me

    Hope you people can help me on this one!

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    What do you need is Robot Nino. It makes everything you need.

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    United Kingdom
    For php you can use either dreamweaver or notepad++

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    Quote Originally Posted by scarlettjack View Post
    For php you can use either dreamweaver or notepad++
    i recommend PHPStorm or Zend Studio for PHP

    look at WebStorm and as good Editor -> Sublime Text

    and yeah start with node
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    Why not Dreamweaver it is good and reliable software

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    Quote Originally Posted by scarlettjack View Post
    Why not Dreamweaver it is good and reliable software
    If you know jack **** about building websites -- no offense.

    Pretty much anything more than a flat text editor (pick one, there are dozens if not hundreds) is a bunch of halfwit bull; and I don't care what language you're working in be it HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP -- or in my case even x86 and 6502 machine language -- all these IDE's with their goofy features just get in the way.

    MORE SO crap that has 'preview panes' or worse, WYSIWYGS.

    Dreamweaver being this centuries poster child for everything wrong with such bloated garbage tools; if you use it like halfwits did frontpage in the previous century, you'll end up with a bloated inaccessible slow loading non-semantic train wreck. Nothing it can do "for you" has ANYTHING to do with building a website properly, hence the phrase "the only thing you can learn from Dreamweaver is how not to build a website" -- while it is POSSIBLE (though I've never actually seen anyone pull it off) to make an accessible well written site in Dreamweaver by sticking JUST to the code view -- at that point congratulations, you've just thrown money away on a slow loading notepad replacement.

    In general though that applies to most all Adobe software when it comes to web development; the only thing about them that can be considered professional grade tools are the people promoting their use.

    Pick a text editor (I like flo's notepad 2, but editplus, notepad++, gEdit, text wrangler -- all quite adequate), set up a testing server (or use local testing like XAMPP), test in the actual browsers, deploy using a FTP client...

    NONE of which should have a price tag attached.

    You do anything else, don't be surprised if people complain about loading times, poor accessibility, and broken layouts.

    But of course, people always want the sleazy lazy shortcut, no matter how much it's going to cost them later or doom them to failure.

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    Sublime is good for html text editor I use it for quite a while now.

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    Dreamweaver is the best software for programming. its better then sublime. its not as fast as sublime but its good. in dreamweaver you have to open only index file. attached files will open automatically. but in sublime you have to open saparit files.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drwebsitesuk View Post
    in dreamweaver you have to open only index file. attached files will open automatically.
    lol... not all.
    PHP Code:
    $root '../';
    // ...
    The first include is ignored, the second one is opened. Dreamweaver is crap, do not suggest, do not talk about.

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    Expression Web 4 is now free and there is nothing wrong with the editor. We dropped Dreamweaver for it and haven't upgraded since cs4. It's our editor of choice. We also use Visual Studio 2012
    (I think 2010 is now free), and Notepad++.

    Expression Web free download. If you try it be sure to install correctly.


    This may be a free download of Visual Studio Express 2013. We use the paid version so I'm not sure.

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    Dreamweaver is the best for me.

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    New Delhi
    Lots of tools available choose according to your requirement and you feel better ,Dreamweaver,notepad++ .

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    I use Crimson Editor myself--it's older, but it's got keyword highlighting and some auto-indent capabilities. Other than that, it's good old text editor.

    As for DreamWeaver--I still remember my prof using his mouse to select styles for an H1 element, and I was keeping up with him in Notepad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Initial Man View Post
    I use Crimson Editor myself--it's older, but it's got keyword highlighting and some auto-indent capabilities. Other than that, it's good old text editor.
    Crimson was what I used for most of the previous century. I ended up moving to Flo's notepad2 because it was equally lean, a bit more full featured, and has WAY better character set support and conversion. I had some UTF-8 really annoying me on Crimson that worked a treat on Flo's.

    But Crimson is still a favorite of mine, if for no other reason than the big daft dog icon. Who doesn't love a big daft dog?

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    At the corner of WALK and DONT WALK
    Quote Originally Posted by deathshadow View Post
    Who doesn't love a big daft dog?
    An uptight cat.

    But seriously--I had a conversation with my prof sometime after that incident I mentioned and he asked me why I didn't use Dreamweaver. I showed him a page I made for a fantasy basketball league that

    1. Created a table where each column represented a team in the league and each row a date in the season
    2. Each cell represented a team that could host another team on that date
    3. Had a script that
      1. When a team was selected as hosting another team, the other team was shown as being hosted
      2. When a team that was hosted or was hosting was selected to be hosted elsewhere, a dialogue box would pop up with a warning AND an option to clear the old game data.
      3. Create a SQL query that would be passed on through $_POST to the next page (the host we were on limited the number of fields we could pass from one page to the next, so this was a workaround)
      4. Was able to treat every row (date) completely seperately from the others.

    I believe my words were "Can you pull this off with Dreamweaver?" He asked me what I was doing in the class if I was so good, and I replied, "I don't know Flash"--which was also in that course.

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