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Thread: What is the reason for declining the website traffics?

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    What is the reason for declining the website traffics?

    Past few days onwards my website traffic is declined.So tell me the reason for why the traffic is suddenly down...?

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    Basically there are many reasons of traffic declining, some of them are:

    1. Reduce in keyword ranking.
    2. Your content may not be good enough to engage users
    3. May be you lost some of the effective back-links for your site.
    4. Last but not the least may be your website or some important landing pages got a hit from Google.

    These are some of the known issues of reduced traffic, but there is a possibility that these are not true, to get more information, it is better that you should share your SEO practices that you are following, so that we can share the possible reason for your situation and if possible the best solution to overcome it.

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    Possible Reasons:
    - Not promoting your website on social media sites.
    - Not posting quality articles on your blog.
    - Over keyword optimization.
    - Doing SEO on wrong keywords.
    - Building backlinks that are irrelevant tot your website.

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    Its not just because of keywords and sharing your content on Social media.

    Write useful content and share it all Social media networking websites.
    Do not use money key words, use low volume and long tail keywords to reach fast on SERP.
    Check is there any update on your website for content or backlinks.
    If you find any bad back links try to remove those back links using disavow tool.
    Do not give many links, if you do Article or Guest posting.
    Do forum submission with signature links will be increase your traffic.

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    You must update the content of your website from time to time and it must be unique and fresh to fetch more traffic on your website.
    You must also practice all the off page techniques like bookmarking, blogging, forum posting, ad posting, ppt sharing, article submission etc.

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