i,m facing problems in loading my websites images after uploading it to cpanel although it was working on my pc
i established a page to upload topic with images and save the name of the image in a specific field in my sql database and insert the image it self in a specific folder and pics were shown where i want them to be displayed but when uploading the website to cpanel there is something wrong with displaying all images stored into folders and retrieved by SQL query so i need your assistance specially this is my first website

here is the code
//display data 
    // getting data 
    $getdata=mysql_query("SELECT * from offers WHERE ended='working' && approved='approved' LIMIT $start , $perpage");

    echo"<tr><td colspan='2' align='center'><font color='blue'size='5'><b> $record_count العروض المتاحة </b></font></td></tr>";
    while ( $row1=mysql_fetch_assoc($getdata))
    $joinoffernumbers= mysql_query("SELECT * FROM offerjoins WHERE offer_id='".$row1['id']."'") or die ("No data retrieved ");
     if($joinsofferrow >=1){
                 }else{$joins="إشترك ألان";}
$image111 is the name of the image retrieved from database 
    echo"<tr><td colspan='2' align='center'> <a href='show_this_offer.php?id=".$row1['id']."' title='".$row1['title']."'> <img src='home/mostafa/offerimages/$image111' title='".$row1['title']."' border='0' width='500' height='200' > </a></td> </tr>";
echo"<tr><td align='right' colspan='2'></td></tr>";
                  echo"<tr><td align='right' colspan='2'><font color='blue'><b><a href='show_this_offer.php?id=".$row1['id']."' title='".$row1['title']."'> ".$row1['title']." </b></font></a></td> </tr>";