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Thread: [RESOLVED] Query with an accent

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Query with an accent

    I have a query to search for a name in a directory but there is an accent in the name and is not returning any results.

    PHP Code:
    $query "SELECT * FROM directory WHERE name=\"$name\""
    if I echo this I get:

    SELECT * FROM directory WHERE name="Lorquet, Sébastien"

    This returns nothing.

    In the database the name is as is and I checked this. It finds all other data except for the two entries that have an accent.

    I have also tried putting this code in

    PHP Code:
    header ('Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8');

    but then I get the following results: Lorquet, SĂ©bastien

    I have also tried changing the setting in the table to utf8_general_ci and it still did not work.
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