I'm really not great with coding, I know a enough to edit and fiddle but not much! Basically on my site here I need to make my descriptions (which only allow html) an add to cart button. The css for one of my add to cart buttons is this: [purchase_link id="1455" style="button" color="gray" text="Purchase"], all I need is SOME way maybe through a stylesheet kinda thing, link this css by an id or something? I know how to upload a file to my server...

For instance in my site to have those rollovers I have something like this in my custom css...

display: block;
width: 286px;
height: 450px;
background: url("http://joellepoulos.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/ruthless.jpg") no-repeat 0 0;


which I link in the html description by doing this: <a id="ruthless"<span></span></a>

so how would I correctly link/id these add to cart buttons? PLEASE HELP i've been trying to figure this out for days!