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Thread: Noob Question about Web development

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    Noob Question about Web development

    Hi, I am brand new to web development, and have a 6/10 knowledge of HTML. I am currently messing around with a HTML/CSS/JS/Bootstrap written template. This is the Link http://themeforest.net/item/social-n...mplate/6767145

    My noob question is, I know a lot of the functions I see with this template needs server assistance, well at least I want to build it that way. I guess my question is what type of system or language should I use to make this template live. I understand HTML and bootstrap is a front end language, but should I convert this to PhP? Python? I really do not know how this template will come together if i use either of them. I am a complete noob and need full understanding on how this works so I can keep researching and trying to learn. Thanks.

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    As far as I know the admin templates are pure Html / CSS / Javascripts … and are based on a framework such as Twitter Bootstrap.

    There is no 1 Click ready-to-go implementation (like installing a theme in wordpress) although that is not a bad idea

    Most admin templates are implemented in custom websites / cms by taking the necessary html blocks and connecting it with your own functionality so that when you give an admin panel to your clients it would have a nice user interface.

    OpenCart, Wordpress etc have so many options especially in the admin section that it would need a custom Admin template created just for that to cover each specific option.

    That doesn’t mean that you can’t start implementing an admin template into your own opencart, wordpress, etc. But it will take a lot of time even if you’re an experienced developer.

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    I agree with kralcx; it would take a lot of time to convert this template into working code. The template provides the 'skin', user interface as well as common design elements but it is largely un-functional.

    To answer your question directly, I would recommend PHP because I believe it has a lower learning curve than Python (having said that, I don't know any Python).

    Either choice, there is a lot of work involved in making this template functional.

    A practical approach might be to "divide and conquer". Pick some aspect of the template (e.g. login) and learn how to create that functionality.

    Best of luck.

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