Hi all,

This is my first post in the group.

I'm fighting with an exception in JSON.parse() function which is happening in Chrome, Firefox and Safari but not in I.E. I'll explain it with the following examples executed from the Chrome's console:

> JSON.parse("[{\"field\":\"Is_Shielded\",\"value\":false,\"operator\":\"eq\"}]")

It works.

> $.base64Decode($.base64Encode("[{\"field\":\"Is_Shielded\",\"value\":false,\"operator\":\"eq\"}]"))

The result is the same string.

> JSON.parse($.base64Decode($.base64Encode("[{\"field\":\"Is_Shielded\",\"value\":false,\"operator\":\"eq\"}]")))
SyntaxError: Unexpected token


Just to remark that parse() function works with the literal string, no matter how I write it:

> JSON.parse('[{"field":"Is_Shielded","value":false,"operator":"eq"}]')

As I said, it is only working on I.E.

$.base64Decode and $.base64Encode are functions of a jQuery pluggin for encoding data in BASE64: https://gist.github.com/TaoK/1602210

Any idea?


José A.