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Thread: Strategies for getting good result in Online Reputation Management

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    Strategies for getting good result in Online Reputation Management

    Tell me the strategies and factors to remove and decline the position of bad reviews on search engine result page and get the good result in Online Reputation Management?

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    Hmm, I guess you are not going to control it, because as long as it's being viewed or receiving lots of traffic, there is always the possibility for it to rank on search engines, but one thing I have observed, it can't stay there forever, it is going to be gone as time goes by. But if you really want that to be removed, ask the webmaster of that site where it was posted.
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    -Optimize your site with your company name
    -Diversify your web presence
    -Promote your profile on Linked in
    -Monitor your results each month
    -Take care of the content
    -send optimized press releases on a regular basis

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    increase your social media presence.
    post good articles
    post blog
    create profiles at high PR ..etc

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