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Thread: Fillable PDF using Server DB

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    Fillable PDF using Server DB

    First of all... I'm old. This is my First time post and need some direction. I have a very nice looking adobe fillable form. It resides on our web server. We also have an Access db containing registration data - I can put a copy of that on our web server if needed.
    My question to all is this : What is the best way to 'load' some of the client's fillable pdf fields from our server side database?
    For example, the client will access our website and find the fillable pdf. When the client enters the ID # on the pdf form, I would like to link the ID # to our server database... then return with the name, address, telephone, etc to fill in some fields on the pdf.
    That's it ! The user will then fill in additional info, print, sign and snailmail to us.
    I would prefer to do this with javascript, but my attempts have failed. And, my search seems to indicate that javascript within Adobe cannot access server database... ie., the database must be local on their pc.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi, AlmostThere.
    I wonder have you found out the solution to your problem or not? And have you ever tried some
    PDF processors to help you with related projects except Adobe's product? I am a green hand on the work using Server DB. So I think you'd better google it and look for some professonal help. I hope you success. Good luck.

    Best regards,

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