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Thread: Proof my website made by Japanese

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    Smile Proof my website made by Japanese

    I'm Japanese Webmaster. Now I would like you to proof my website.
    I've never made a English website. So I'm not confident that it is appropriate as a website for English speakers.
    Tokyo hotels
    This is a hotel booking site. The point is easy searching by customer's ratings and summary of review comments.
    Please say anything you feel when you see this site.
    Is the design suit for English web surfers? Are the words on the site natural? Codes and tags suit for SEO in English? etc...

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    Your site has a very large number of coding errors. See them here: http://validator.w3.org/check?charse...lerhotels.com/

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    ok if i am about to visit there ill cheek it up sir.

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    1) CSS Errors Ignore any properly made CSS3 Rules that were flagged.

    2) HTML Errors

    Remember, number2 errors are mostly flagged for your homepage. Number 1 (CSS) errors will be only the commonly linked CSS files for all your pages plus any embedded CSS styles on the home page.

    You could have used a translate button on your Japanese page, but as it stands, current home page is not too bad for English.


    1) Adding Automated Translation to Your Web Pages

    2) Translation Buttons Generator Generator

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    Too many internal links for a new website 800+ that is bad for SEO. Try to build a solid navigation for your website

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