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Thread: rel=nofollow and reciprocal backlinks.

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    rel=nofollow and reciprocal backlinks.

    Dear All

    I have worked as a C++ developer and Linux system manager most of my life. I have recently started developing Drupal CMS websites for my clients. Like most web developers I would like to list a portfolio of work completed on my primary website which has lead me to a question.

    All website that I develop have a link in the footer saying developed by XXXX and linking back to my main site. This is of course a good source of backlinks and a great way to increase PR. However, in my portfolio section linking back to my clients will reduce the amount of link juice.

    • Question 1

    If I were to link back to my client sites using the rel=nofollow would Google give me the full credit for my footer links?

    • Question 2

    I would like to have all my clients websites listed in the same Google webmaster tools account. Would Google see this as that I manage these sites and reduce the importance of my clients footer links?

    Hope somebody can help me with these few questions.

    Many Thanks

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    Better to add nofollow if the site is totally irrelevant.

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