So, this table took me forever to get to print right. I had to scan a few other tables I found online to get it right. Here's what I ended up with:

PHP Code:
var numRows 12
var numCols 12

var tblPrint ""rowPrint
    for (var 
row 0row <= numRowsrow++) { 
rowPrint ""
        for (var 
col 0col <= numColscol++) { 
            if (
row == 0) { 
rowPrint += "<td><strong>" 
col == 0) ? " " col) + 
"</strong> </td>"
            } else if (
col == 0) { 
rowPrint += "<td><strong>" 
"</strong> </td>"
            } else { 
rowPrint += "<td>" 
row col) + 
tblPrint += "<tr>" rowPrint "</tr>"
document.write("<table border=\"1\">" 
Now, I need to add to it, but I don't know anything about adding color in Javascript. I want to get the outside numbers of the table (the ones being multiplied) to be blue. Then, I wanted the squared numbers (The values received from multiplying two of the same numbers, eg: 1x1=1, 2x2=4, 3x3=9 - 1,4,9, would be red on the table). Anyone think they can tackle this? It'd be appreciated!