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Thread: How to use Code Igniter classes in your Non MVC project?

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    How to use Code Igniter classes in your Non MVC project?

    I have been looking for a way to use external classes with my PHP API. Since it is a single page and I don't need MVC architecture , I don't want to use controllers, views etc in it. BUT I am still interested in using CI classes to perform operations e.g database operations, active records, caching etc .

    I would appreciate if anybody could help me with an example or if possible, just post a link to tutorial so that I could get an idea how can I achieve this ?

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    Probably I'd just use CodeIgniter, even if it feels like overkill, if I wanted to use its DB stuff. Helper functions could likely be separated out pretty easily, but model stuff might be a bit more tightly coupled to the framework itself.
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