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Thread: What is negative SEO?

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    What is negative SEO?

    I have heard 2 terms Negative SEO and Reverse SEO? But i am confused in between these 2 terms, as the name suggest “Negative SEO”, it is clear that it is not a Good Practice, so why it is referred so many times, is there any influence of it?

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    In my point of view, both have same meaning that is dropped someone website by redirect or backlink spam.

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    Negative SEO is the practice of trying to get your competitors' sites penalised by search engines, such as setting up fake link farms around them.

    As well as being an appalling practice from a moral/ethical point of view, and one that could come back to bite you in the future, I have not seen any evidence of how effective this is at disrupting your competitors' position in the search results.

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    their is two kind of SEO 1 white hate and 2nd Black hat.. white hate do work on relevant, good and quality work.. and black hate is negative seo which is effect for small term then it's out of the listing

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    If your SEO couldn't follow the search engines rules and regulation then it is defined as Negative Seo which affects your website ranking.

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    Negative SEO is an unethical technique which uses Black Hat SEO technique to effect the ranking of it's competitor's in search engine.

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    I think negative SEO is the process to push back the competitors website by doing wrong SEO on these sites.

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