Hi Webdeveloper users,
I am very new to web developement and now fairly decent at using basic html coding and CSS'ing. I am pretty weak at javascript and VBScript and have no knowledge of php. I am developing a webpage for my father for a cab company. This company does journeys from airports to many locations around London. How we calculate is from the airport to postcodes around the city.

To get the price from the site, at first i temporarily used if statements to get price, but its really really long!! and editing prices are a pain! I want to be able to have a table of price on xls and be able to retrieve the price based on the customer's input. Eg,
the excel would have the following as
row; Lhr, Lgw, Stn
Column; HA1, HA2, HA3

and in between these would be prices. The passengers would select airport from select type menu and another for postcodes. On the next page, i should have page with the price for the selected locations. I have no idea on how about i would be doing this, i hope you will help me..

Kind Regards,