The company for which I work has a fulfillment division. We have web-based ordering systems, some of which I have developed in ASP. But a client has a particular need which our current option and my development skills do not match. Please let me know if you have any ideas for the following scenario.
THe client wants to be able to order kits (1 orderable item connected to multiple products) where some of the component quantities do not change with the number of kits orders. We have the options for kits where the components' quantities bultiply by the number of kits ordered. We can also do kits where the buyer can enter the component quantities rather than the kit quantities. But this scenario is unique. By way of explanation, here is an example
Kit XYZ has the following default components and quantities:
1 table
1 chair
1 laptop
Let's say that a user orders 10 kits. The resulting component quantities will be:
1 table
10 chairs
10 laptops
You can see that the table remains at 1 while the other items increase according the the kit quantities. Most of this client's kits have multiple items like the chair, where the quantities do not change based on the ordered kits while the other components do.